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How To Talk About Cause In English 2022

Written by Sachin Raut

Hello! Friends, Do you want to know How To Talk About Cause In English? In our communication we talk about so many things but if you want to show some causes or to tell some reasons behind something that times so many people get baffled or get difficulties to show some causes behind something. So, are you getting difficulties talking about some causes in English too? Don’t worry in this article you will learn how to talk about causes or reasons in English.

Let’s learn How to Talk about Cause in English.

Vocabulary: How to Talk about Cause in English.

  • Because……
  • Since……
  • As……..
  • For……..
  • Due to…….
  • So……
  • The cause of….. is……..
  • ……is caused by ….is due to…..
  • Because of…..
  • That’s why…..
  • Thanks to…..
  • Let’s learn in detail by using the vocabulary mentioned above for How to Talk about Cause in English.


  • Because he was poor

He was insulted because he was poor.

The policeman arrested him because he stole the bike.

  • Because she was busy

She did not meet me because she was busy.

Seeta was not at the office because she went on holiday.

  • Because I forgot

I could not come because I forgot.

I did not bring your notebook because I forgot to bring it.

  • Because he was there

She went away from the function because he was there.

I gave him the invitation because he was presented there.

  • Because he is lazy

He will not come because he is lazy.

He will be late because he is lazy.

  • Because he is your teacher

You have to follow his order because he is your teacher.

You obey him because he is your teacher.


  • Since we are busy

Since we are busy, you can’t meet us.

Since we are busy, we are not able to come.

  • Since it was dark

Since it was dark, I couldn’t see.

Since it was dark, he didn’t find it.

  • Since he stole the car

Since he stole the car, police arrested him

Since he stole the car, he ran away.

  • Since the rain was late

Since the rain was late, we couldn’t sow the seed.

Since the rain was late, we got a late crop.

  • Since you do not exercise 

Since you do not exercise, you become fatty.

Since you do not exercise, you are not fit.


  • As he was busy….

As he was busy, I could not meet him

As he was busy, we could not arrange the meeting.

  • As you sleep late……

As you sleep late, you will wake late

As you sleep late, you are becoming lazy.

  • As she was ill ….

As she was ill, she could not come.

As she was ill, she was absent from school.

  • As he is ready……

As he is ready, we can start.

As he is ready, they can meet him.

  • As he speaks English….

As he speaks English, he is successful.

As he speaks English, he starts to earn more.

  • As he was sad…..

As he was sad, he felt nervous.

As he was sad, he always closed himself in a room.


  • He can’t run for he is fat.
  • She felt sorry for her guilt.
  • They are too late for their mistakes.
  • I am not attending to see the movie for my exam.
  • You are always busy for your business concern.
  • The meeting is arranged for increment purposes.
  • You will start your own business for financial growth.
  • I will earn more money for my education.

Due to……

  • Due to rain….

Due to heavy rain, we didn’t go for a picnic.

Due to low rain, we couldn’t get more harvest.

  • Due to lack of money…..

Due to a lack of money, I could not learn.

Due to a lack of money, I lost my business.

  • Due to problems…..

Due to financial problems, I gave up my education.

Due to family problems, he left the home.

  • Due to his behavior….

Due to his behavior, she broke her relationship with him.

Due to his behavior, we got into trouble.

….. So

  • …… so he is happy.

He got the highest marks in the exam so he is happy.

He got the job so he is happy.

  • … I am ready.

It is a good offer so I am ready.

She is coming to see a movie so I am happy.

  • ….. so I kept trust.

She was faithful so I kept her trust.

You are my best friend so I kept my trust.

  • ….. so she did not attend the party.

She was sad so she did not attend the party.

She has a final exam so she did not attend the party.

  • … I will.

She will come so I will.

They are ready to go so I will.

  • ……so he will win

He is strong so he will win.

He has more practice so he will win the game.

The cause of….is….

  • The cause of the accident is the driver’s fault.
  • The cause of his good marks is his hard work.
  • The cause of his failure is a lack of study.
  • The cause of a great economy is the great investment.
  • The cause of imbalance in the environment is global warming.

……is caused by 

  • The accident is caused by the driver’s fault.
  • The lack of economy is caused by unemployment.

….is due to…..

  • The accident is due to the driver’s fault.
  • His great achievement is due to great experience.
  • The reason behind his success is due to a lot of hard work.

Because of…..

  • Because of the driver’s fault, there was an accident.
  • Because of Sachin, we won the match.
  • Because of him, they become rich.
  • Because of hard work, he got high marks.
  • Because of computers, we made much progress.
  • Because of you, I got confidence.
  • Because of her guidance, I got the job.

That’s why…..

  • He is busy, that’s why he can’t come.
  • We were tired, that’s why we were late.
  • He was so happy that’s why he arranged the party.
  • She is ill that’s why she didn’t attend the party.

Thanks to…..

  • If we want to give credit to someone else or because of the person something happened that time we can use thanks to.
  • Thanks to bad weather, we won the match.
  • Thanks to Mr. Sharma, we got success.
  • Thanks to God, we survive the accident.
  • Thanks to you, I save my profit.
  • Thanks to her, she alerts me. How To Talk About Cause In English 2022


  • Teacher: Why were you absent?
  • Student: Because I was ill.
  • Jay: Why did you reject the offer?
  • Om: Since I didn’t like it.
  • Coach: Why didn’t you join the team?
  • Student: Because of cousin’s marriage.
  • Sunny: Why?
  • Ramesh: As I don’t like.
  • Sam: Why she didn’t attend my party?
  • John: She was so sad so she didn’t attend your party.
  • Sachin: Why did the accident happen?
  • Rahul: The accident is caused by the driver’s fault.

In this way, we can use many ways to talk about causes in our daily communication. With the help of this article, you will improve your communication positively as well as effectively.

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