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How to make Request, Order and Suggestion in English 2022

Written by Sachin Raut

In our communication sometimes we intend to make a request, to give an order, and to give a suggestion that time we have to use correct words or sentence structure to make an impact on Listener for what you are indented. This is art about how to make Request, Order, and Suggestion. In this article, you will be able to learn How to Make Request, Order, and Suggestion.

  • Let’s learn How to Make Requests, Orders, and Suggestions.
  • In the English Language, When we want to give an order to someone we have to start the sentence with the Verb. For Eg: if we want to tell to write to someone at that time we use the verb – Write…….
  • For Eg: Read, Jump, Listen, Ask, Run, Try, etc.

Structure of Sentence:

  • Verb (V) + Object (Command)
  • Don’t + Verb (Negation)
  • Please + Verb (Request)
  • Let’s + Verb (Suggestion/ Advice)

We can say that when we want to Make a Request, Order, or Suggestion the sentence structure is the same only the change is when in negation we have to use Don’t and in the request sentence we have to use Please and in suggestion, we have to use Lets at the beginning of a sentence.

  • For Eg: Ask/ Don’t ask/ Please, ask/ Let’s ask.

How to give Order: Expressions

  • Open.
  • Open the window.
  • Open the window of the bedroom.
  • Open the window of the bedroom in the evening.
  • Open the door.
  • Shut the window.
  • Come in.
  • Sit down.
  • Hold on.
  • Wait.
  • Stop it.
  • Choose.
  • Go to school.
  • Take rest.
  • Give a pen.
  • Chase the cat.
  • Sweep the room.
  • Get out.
  • Study hard.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Crush the bottle after use.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Ask me.
  • Save life.
  • Plant trees.

How to give Order (Negation): In negation, we have to use Don’t before the Verb. (Don’t + Verb)

  • Don’t open it.
  • Don’t open the window.
  • Don’t open the window of the bedroom.
  • Don’t open the window of the bedroom in the evening.
  • Don’t open the door.
  • Don’t shut the window.
  • Don’t come in.
  • Don’t sit down.
  • Don’t hold on.
  • Don’t sleep now.
  • Don’t bring a cup of tea.
  • Don’t sweep the room.
  • Don’t choose.
  • Don’t help me.

Indirect order to tell someone to do.

  • Ask…. To……

For Eg: Ask Rahul to go./ Ask him to call m./ Ask boys to come./ Ask her to write a letter.

  • Tell….. to……

For Eg: Tell him to call me/ Tell Rahul to come./ Tell her to go.

How to request:

  • At the beginning or end if we add the “Please” word to the order sentence that becomes the request sentence. It means when we want to make an order sentence into a request that time we have to use the “Please” word either at the beginning or end of the order sentence.
  • Speak.

Please, speak.

Speak, please.

Please, don’t speak.

  • Ask.

Please, ask

Please, don’t ask.

Please, wait for me.

Please, send an SMS.

  • In a formal situation, we make a humble request to do with will be asked to do.

For Eg: Will you help me? (Please, help me.)

Will you come? (Please, come.)

Will you give me a pen? (Please give a pen)

Will you wait for me? (Please, wait.)

If we want to tell to do to someone including us that time we have to use let’s at the beginning of the sentence.

  • For Eg: Let’s go.
  • Let’s play.
  • Let’s sing.
  • Let’s solve the activity.
  • Let’s cheer up.
  • Let’s have fun.

How to suggest:

In suggestion, we make the following sentence construction.

  • You should……..
  • I think you should……….
  • Why don’t you……….
  • If you think so………
  • You would prefer……


  • You should accept the proposal.
  • I think you should accept the proposal.
  • Why don’t you accept the proposal?
  • If you think about the proposal.
  • You would prefer the best proposal.
  • You should eat healthy food.
  • I think you should eat healthy food.
  • Why don’t you eat healthy food?



  • Rahul: Ram, why don’t you join the Army?
  • Ram: That’s a good idea! Thank for the suggestion.


  • Mohan: Peale, ask Ram to come with his wife.
  • Om: Yes, I will tell Ram.

Dialogue 3:

  • Teacher: Don’t copy from others.
  • Student: Yes, Mam I will follow your order.

Dialogue 4:

  • Jay: Please, give me your notebook.
  • Om: of course, take this.

Dialogue 5:

  • Passenger 1: Will you help to pick up this luggage?
  • Passenger 2: Yes, Let me take.

Dialogue 6:

  • Mother: You should go with your sister.
  • Son: why not Mom, it’s my pleasure.

Dialogue 7:

  • Son: Mom, When will you come home? I am very much hungry now.
  • Mother: I will be late. Will you try to make something?
  • Son: Yes, Mom I will try. Tell me the recipe for Maggi.
  • Mother: Ok, Listen. Open the Maggi Pouch then take a glass of water then boil the water in the pot then add Maggi in the water then Put spices in the mixture and don’t add salt, it has already then cook till the solids integrate. I will be back.
  • Son: Ok, Mom I will follow all the procedures of making Maggi.

In this way, we can learn about How to Make Requests, Orders, and Suggestions in our daily communication positively as well as effectively.

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