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Unit Test 2 (11th Class) English Model Question Paper Maharashtra State Board

Written by Sachin Raut

Unit Test 2

Std:11th                                                                 Sub: English                                                        Marks:25

Section I Prose Unit Test 2

Q.1. Read the extract and complete the activities given below.  (10 Marks)

The tales of Kasbai made us more determined to get it. We decided that if we did manage to get some seeds this would be a great rice to grow. I thought the government may know something about it. A visit to the agricultural officer was enlightening. He had not even heard of this rice variety. He said the villagers were taking me for a ride and there was no rice by this name. He rattled off the names of a number of latest hybrids and even offered to give me some of them free of cost for a trial. Cursing myself for wasting time with him I moved on to the next destination. This time it was the Adivasi Mahamandal at Kasawhich buys rice from the Adivasi villagers on behalf of the government. Kasbai did not figure in their files. A good indication why people did not grow it any more. The market itself did not recognize the rice, so if you grew it you would not be able to sell it. However, the officer incharge here had more knowledge of rice and did remember Kasbai being sold to him a few years ago.

    So when I in Dhanivari, Baban and I started looking for Devu Handa and found a greying old man wearing a cap, sitting outside his house on a charpoy. An ex-sarpanch of the village, he had acres of land, a huge house and a large family. After exchanging the usual pleasantries we came to the topic of Kasbai. The mere mention of Kasbai and Devu Handa drifted into the past. His eyes turned dreamy and with a tremble in his voice he told us how the entire village at one time grew only Kasbai. He said, “There was a time when people passing our village during lunchtime would be forced to stop and ask for a meal. Such was the alluring aroma of Kasbai.” The entire area would have this heady aroma hanging in the air as all the houses cooked the same rice. Today, he said, no one grew Kasbai and everyone had shifted to growing the new hybrid varieties. He claimed he had to force himself to eat this rice that was so insipid!

A1. Global Understanding                                     (2)

Write whether the following statements are true or false.

  1. The aroma of the ‘desi’ rice would spread around the village.
  2. The agriculture officer gave the author a lot of information about Kasbai.

A2. Complex factual                      (2)

  • List the reactions of the agriculture officer to the author’s inquiry about Kasbai seeds.

A3. Interpretation    (2)

  • Pick out the sentences that tell us that Devu Handa loved Kasbai and disliked hybrids.

A4. Personal Response           (2)

  • Which variety of rice do you eat? Explain it in details.

A5. Language Study :  Do as directed (1)

  1. He had acres of land, a huge house and a large family. (rewrite using ‘not only……but also’.)

A6. Vocabulary                                                                   (1)

Find synonyms for:- 1) enlightening,  2) tastless

Section II Poetry Unit Test 2

Q.2.A. Read the extract and complete the activities given below: (8 Marks)

Sitting in a porchway cool,

Sunlight, I see, dying fast,

Twilight hastens on to rule.

Working hours have well-nigh past.

Shadows run across the lands:

But a sower lingers still,

Old, in rags, he patient stands.

Looking on, I feel a thrill.

Black and high, his silhouette

Dominates the furrows deep!

Now to sow the task is set.

Soon shall come a time to reap.

Marches he along the plain

To and fro, and scatters wide

From his hands the precious grain;

Muse I, as I see him stride.

Darkness deepens. Fades the light.

Now his gestures to mine eyes

Are august; and strange; his height

Seems to touch the starry skies.

A1. Global Understanding                                      (2)

  1. Write the few words that describe the sower.

A2. Interpretation                                                                       (2)

  • The poet has observed the sower closely. Express in your own words the reverence the poet has for the sower.

A3. Personal Response :-  Discuss the activities carried out by a farmer.  (2)

A4. Poetic device                         (1)

  • Pick out the examples of alliteration from the poem and write them down.

A5. Poetic Creativity                                                             (1)

  • Compose four lines of your own on the theme of the farmer.

Section III Writing Skills

Q. 3 Expansion of Ideas.                                                                             (3)

Expand the idea inherent in the following proverbs : ( Write any One)

  • A Bad workman blames his tools.
  • One should eat to live, not live to eat.
  • If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
  • Beauty is truth, truth is beauty

Section IV Drama

Q.4 Genre Drama – “ The Rising of the Moon”                 (4)

  1. Write the theme of the one act play – “ The Rising of the Moon”      (2)
  2. Write about the Character “Ragged an”.        (2)

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