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There is Another Sky by Emily Dickinson Appreciation and Explanation 11th class 2022

Written by Sachin Raut

There is Another Sky


Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) is an American poet of the nineteenth century. Her poems are very motivational and highly philosophical about life. Emily Dickinson’s poems are characterized by simple and short lines.

There is another Sky is a helpful sonnet with a back rub ‘never say-kick the bucket’.  it is a Petrarchan sonnet with octave and sestet. The poet is conveying to her sibling Austin through a letter. She urges her sibling not to get discouraged under any conditions and begs him to get back. Life is brimming with difficulties; one can handle the difficulties with an uplifting outlook. The sonnet closes on a hopeful tone. The Brighter Garden represents the decisions that life offers to all.


In the sonnet, “There is Another Sky”, Emily Dickinson attempts to persuade Austin, who is her sibling, to return from Boston to Amherst. Relevantly advancing, she recounts her sibling accounts of “home”. The main line of the actual sonnet “There is another sky” is an illustration towards communicating “There is somewhere else for you”.

According to the specific situation, Amherst is simply one more geological area yet in her sonnet, it sires a heavenly portrayal equivalent with the “Nursery of Eden” where daylight never blurs and leaves are green all the time.

She needed to depict home as something uniquely amazing. Regardless of switching up home, the home can’t avoid being home 100% of the time. Emily, being the caring sister, needed her sibling to know that in Boston there may be murkiness and the blossoms might wilt, however, “here” there is consistently daylight and the blossoms are perpetually sprouting in her nursery. “Here”, according to setting, implies Amherst or their home; nonetheless, it could likewise mean her being the core of their home.

The poet communicates the irregular measure of affection she has towards her sibling in this sonnet, and because she adored him, she needed him to be content and this nursery of hers fills that very need. Austin may be living sprightly however there will undoubtedly be miserable minutes. Emily adores him such a lot that she needs even those miserable minutes to vanish. Living under a light that never blurs is only her approach to communicating her undying affection for him.

The sonnet closes with “Into my garden come!” conveying a solicitation to her sibling and reminding her that their home will continuously be his home. Notwithstanding, the idea of the sonnet permits it to be deciphered in one more way where Emily is portraying herself to her sibling. Yet, paying little mind to understand, it is as yet a greeting shipped off her sibling, Austin, to return home.

 Appreciation of the Poem:

About the poem, poet, and title:

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) is an American poet of the nineteenth century. Her poems are very motivational and highly philosophical about life. Emily Dickinson’s poems are characterized by simple and short lines.

The poem is highly motivational and philosophical about life. In the poem, the poet is communicating with her brother Austin and pleads with him come to home back. She encourages her brother that there are always other opportunities, options, places, and choices in your life so; don’t be get depressed in your life if you face any difficulties or failures. She pleads to return home. Here are so many things to do in your life.

There is another sky the tile of the poem is a metaphor itself. The sky is indirectly compared with choices, opportunities, places, etc. it means in our life there are always other (second) options to do.


There is another Sky is an inspirational poem. Poet motivates her brother to not get depressed under any worst situation because there is always another option in your life, there is another opportunity to take, there is another place to go where you feel the peaceful and fair atmosphere ever. Poet suggests that always be optimistic in our life.

Poetic style, language, poetic devices:

It is a Petrarchan sonnet that consists of fourteen lines with octave and sestet. The language of the poem is simple and short. It has only two stanzas, the first stanza consists of eight lines and the second stanza consists of six lines. In the poem, the poet has used a number of devices to express her inner feelings as well as poetic effects with Alliteration, metaphor, personification, antithesis, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, inversion, etc.

Special features:

Poet has used nature imagery in the poem. Little forest, faded forests, green leaf, unfading flowers, brighter garden such nature imagery shows the beauty and their references used by the poet to make an impact on the reader.

Massage/morals in the poem:

The poem has an optimistic tone. Poet suggests that always be optimistic in life. Life is full of challenges; one should face the challenges with a positive attitude. Don’t be upset or regret under any worst situation, there is another good option to choose, there is another opportunity in your life and there is another sky.

Your opinion about the poem:

I am really impressed and inspired by reading this poem. I understood the importance of life and always being optimistic in our life, whether any difficulty, problem, or worst situation will come in our life do not get depressed, upset, or regret. We should live in hopefulness that there is another opportunity, choice, or place in our life. There is another sky in our life.

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