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Appreciation Indian Weavers Std.12 Maharashtra State Board

Written by Sachin Raut

Learn about the Appreciation Indian Weavers 12th Class Maharashtra State Board

Dear students, you will be asked to write the Appreciation of the poem Indian Weavers in your Maharashtra State Board syllabus for class 12th. It is the second poem in the poetry section, the poem Indian Weavers is written by Sarojini Naidu. In the 12th board examination, you will be asked to solve the activity on the appreciation of the poem for 4 marks. Let’s learn about the appreciation of the poem “Indian Weavers.” 

Introduction: Appreciation Indian Weavers

 Sarojini Naidu (1879 to 1949) was a political activist, feminist, and the first Indian woman who became the President of the Indian National Congress. She was an important figure in India’s Struggle for Independence. Sarojini Naidu’s work as a poet earned her the sobriquet of Nightingale of India. Later she became the Governor of the United Provinces in 1947 becoming the first woman to hold the office of the Governor in Independent India.

‘Indian Weavers’ is a short poem where the poet talks about three types of garments that the weavers weave at three particular times of a day. Each stanza of the poem represents the three important events of human life: birth (childhood), adulthood (young), and death (old). The colours mentioned in the stanzas are very significant as they indicate the moods related to the events.


Appreciation Indian Weavers 12th Class Maharashtra State Board

Appreciation: Appreciation Indian Weavers

About the Poem, Poet, and Title

  • The poem, Indian Weavers is written by the great poet Sarojini Naidu. The poem is about the three stages of life and human mood at these particular stages of life. These three stages are compared with the three times of the day. In the poem the poet asks questions to the Weavers and the weavers give responses to the poet so, the title of the poem is apt and suitable to the poem that is “Indian Weavers.”

Theme/summary/gist of the poem

  • The theme of the poem is about three important events of human life and these three important events are birth (childhood), adulthood (young), and death (old). These three important events are compared at three particular times of a day and these three particular times of a day are Dawn (break of day), Dusk (fall of night) and Midnight (moonlight chill).
  • The poet asks three questions to the weavers about what types of garments they weave and weavers give responses to the questions. The poet shows the mood of humans at particular events of life through the colour of their garments. 
  • Each colour of the garments shows the human mood at particular events of human life these colours are blue, purple, green and white. The blue colour of the garment of a child shows hope and expectations. The purple and green colour of the garment of marriage-veils shows happiness and enthusiasm. The white colour of the garment of the funeral shroud shows grief, pain sadness on death.

Poetic style/language, poetic devices

  • The poem is written in simple and lucid language. The poem is a short poem that consists of three stanzas. The poem Indian Weavers has fine rhyming pairs eg: day – gay, wild – child, night – bright, green – queen, still – chill and cloud – shroud. The rhyming scheme of the poem is aabb,ccdd, eeff. The poet uses fine figures of speech to increase the beauty of the poem, these figures of speech are Simile, Imagery, Metaphor and Alliteration.

Special features/novelties/focusing elements

  • The poem has fine colour symbols which represent the mood of human life. The poet tells about three important garments that are used in the three important stages of life. The poem has three stanzas and each stanza has four lines.
  • In each stanza, in the first line, the poet tells the weavers weave the garment at a particular time of the day then in the second line she asks the question of why they weave such a particular garment and then in the third line she describes the garment and colour of the garment and at the fourth line the weavers give response the poet why they weave such types of garments at that time.  

Message /value/morals in the poem

  • The poet gives the message that everyone has to face such three important stages of life and while going through such stages we feel such a mood of life.

Your opinion about the poem

  • I am impressed by the poem and the poet’s thoughts. The poem, Indian Weavers has a positive and hopeful tone. The poet’s thoughts encourage me to go through the mood of particular stages of life. The poem is very simple but has a deeper meaning. In simple words, the poet defines life and life’s three important events that one must go through in the mood that is mentioned by the poet. The three types of garments are very much important in life human. Thus I like the poem very much.

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