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Preparation of English Subject Class 10th S.S.C. 2022

Written by Sachin Raut

Preparation of English Subject Class 10th S.S.C. 2022

Hi! Dear Students now your S.S.C. Board Exam is coming soon. You know that your English Subject’s exam will be on the Date-19/03/2022. It is hope so, that your study is going well but you must know-how is the format of your English subject’s Activity sheet.

First of all, you know that English is a language subject. To develop the English Language, you have to develop four language skills (LSRW) Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The Board has given a proper structure to assess your language skills by conducting an Oral Exam for 20 marks and a Written Exam for 80 marks. An oral exam has been conducted by your school level and a Written Exam will be conducted by the Board. So, for the Written Exam (80 marks) the Board has given a format of Activity Sheet. Let’s learn how is the activity sheet and some instructions on the activity sheet. The activity sheet carries 80 Marks and these 80 Marks are divided into six sections. These sections are as follows:


SectionSkills/Testing ItemsMarks
Section-I Language StudyQ.1 (A) Language Study              

(B) Language Study
08 Marks

02 Marks
Section-II Textual Passages  Q.2 (A) Comprehension of Textual  Passage              
(A) Comprehension of Textual  Passage
10 Marks

10 Marks
Section-III Poetry  Q.3 (A) Comprehension of Poem / Extract              

(B) Appreciation of Poem
05 Marks

05 Marks
Section-IV Non-Textual Passage  Q.4 (A) Non-Textual Passage        

  (B) Summary of Non-Textual Passage
10 Marks

05 Marks
Section-V Writing Skills  Q.5 Letter Writing : Formal or Informal Letter  

Q.6  (A) Information Transfer:               
A1 Non-Verbal to Verbal                                OR               
A2 Verbal to Non-Verbal

(B)Views and Counter-views                               OR                
Drafting Speech  
05 Marks


05 Marks
Section-VI Creative Writing          Q.7 (A) Expand the theme: Expansion of Proverbs/Maxims/Quotations/Slogans                                   
  News Report based on the given Headline         
(B) Developing the Story                                    
Narrating an experience with a given beginning/ending  
05 Marks    
05 Marks

While solving the activity sheet of the English Subject you must consider the following instructions and points:

Language Study :

In language study, you will be asked some exercise/questions on grammar as Make meaningful sentences, Find hidden words, Pick out non-infinite verbs, Use correct verb form, Arrange in alphabetical order, identify the type of sentence, from present to past participles, word chain, Homographs, Homophones, word register, Direct-Indirect speech, Conversion of tense, Change the voice, etc.

You have to go through the language study and learn all the grammar topics from the language study. Solve all the grammar topics and given exercises which are given under the text.

Comprehension of Textual Passage:

Students have to learn each and every lesson in the textbook. You will be asking any two lessons for two Comprehension of Textual Passages so, Solve all the exercises of worming up and English Workshop on each lesson. Each passage carries 10 Marks.

Comprehension of Poem / Extract and Appreciation of Poem:

In this section, you will be asked to solve one extract on anyone poem from your syllabus and another anyone poem for appreciation. It means only one poem will come for extract and remaining any other poem will come to write an appreciation of the poem so, you must consider that the same poem will not be a repeat for the extract as well as an appreciation.

While studying the poem, you have to keep in your mind the theme of the poem, summary of the poem, figures of speech, rhyming words, rhyming scheme, the title of the poem, name of the poet, etc.

Non-Textual Passage:

In this section, you will be given a non-textual extract. The passage will come on a comprehensive basis. While solving the activity on non-Textual Passage, read the passage calmly and understand what is the passage is about then solve the activities under it. Non-Textual Passage could be an anecdote, a topic on a current event, a newspaper item, etc. The passage will come for 10 marks.

Summary of Non-Textual Passage: In writing a summary of the passage you have to go through the whole passage and summarize the passage in your own words in the one-third form of it. Do not add your examples and your own opinions in summary. Suggest a good title to the summary on the theme of the passage.

Writing Skills and Creative Writing:

In this section, your writing skills and creative writing will be assessed. You will be given some writing skills on the prescribed syllabus. In writing skills and creative writing, there are several topics and every topic has its format. You have to go through the format and write each topic to get good marks. The topics are as Formal Letter, Informal letter, Information Transfer: Non-Verbal to Verbal Or Verbal to Non-Verbal, Views, and Counterviews Or Drafting Speech, Expansion the themes: Expansion of Proverbs/ Maxims/Quotations/ Slogans Or News Report based on the given Headline, Report writing, Developing the story Or Narrating an experience, etc.

Now, this information and knowledge definitely will help you in your study and you will get good marks in your examination. Best of luck with your bright future.

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