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Group Discussion |12th Std English| Writing Skills

Written by Sachin Raut

Are searching for what is a group discussion and how to write it? for Group Discussion 12th Std.

Then you are here at right place.

A group discussion is an activity that comes under writing skills of 12th Std of Maharashtra State Board.

A group discussion asks to write for 4 marks in section 3 writing skills under the question no 4.A.

What is a group discussion?Group Discussion 12th Std

  • A group discussion is a formal discussion conducted on a topic among a group of ten to twelve participants. The participants analyse the topic from their respective angles and present their views and opinions. The group is given a topic. They contemplate on it for a few minutes and then start discussions. The discussion is usually for ten to fifteen minutes. Experts listen to the members and evaluate them.

Group discussions are usually held on topics of four kinds:

  • factual, for example ‘Plastics should be banned’
  • a social or political issue, for example ‘moral policing’
  • abstract, for example ‘conscience’
  • Case study based, where the group discusses a case study and analyses it or offers solutions.
  • Group Discussions are one of the effective interactive methods of classroom learning. They are used to select candidates for different courses or for jobs by employers. They are used to gauge whether a candidate possesses certain skills required for pursuing a particular course or a job that involves working in groups, giving opinions and solve problems together to achieve common goals. The candidates are tested for their knowledge and communication skills as well as their ability to work as a part of a group and to lead other towards conclusions and solutions. One should be able to use his understanding of a subject to give opinions on it and support his ideas with logical arguments.
  • Since communication is a two-way process, it is important that besides speaking, one listens to the participants in the group discussion and respond to their ideas or take them forward. You can contribute to a group discussion in some of the following ways: helping it start, giving direction to it, making sure that everyone’s views are heard and thought about so that the group moves towards some kind of agreement and closing it with a summary or a conclusion.

The Language of Group Discussions

  • Here are some expressions you can use to perform different functions during a group discussion.

Expressing opinions

I believe…… I think…….

Could I make a point, please? In my opinion……

It seems to me……

Expressing agreement

Absolutely You’re right……

I fully agree with…..

Expressing disagreement

I’m afraid I don’t agree with….. I’m sorry but I see it a little differently.

I can see your point but….. You may have something there but…..

I respect your point of view, but I’m sorry I can’t go along with you on……


I think we should…… Why don’t we…..?

Let’s…… Couldn’t we……?

Don’t you think we could….?

Asking for opinion

What is your opinion on….? What do you feel about…?

I wonder what do you think about…..? I’d like to know your stand on…..


I’m sorry to interrupt but….

Excuse me. Could I add something, please?

That’s true. Sorry, but…..

Handling Interruptions

Just a moment please. Could I finish what I am saying?

If you would just let me finish……. Could you wait for a minute, please.


To summarise/conclude,…… We can conclude by saying……

Let’s run quickly through the main ideas before concluding the discussion.

Group Discussion 12th Std.

Sample Group Discussion

Evaluator : You’ve all been given a few minutes to think on your topic for today’s group discussion, which is ‘Do you think teenagers should be given a separate mobile phone?’You may now begin the discussion. Who would like to start?

Manisha : I think the topic of this discussion is very relevant to all of us here. As teenagers, we are so fond of our mobile phones, and its different features that have become irresistible to us. I feel mobile phones are quite necessary, they are quite helpful for educational purpose, we can get support for their various subjects just at the click of a button.

Anamika : I also agree with Manisha because now-a-days people use smartphones and they can get access to any information they want like travel information, recipes, courses, colleges etc

John : Yes, I would like to add to it. I don’t think students use the mobile phones only for seeking useful information. They use it for entertainment too. They listen to songs, watch movies etc. I am afraid they see unsuitable things too. Moreover they spend long hours on phone.

Anamika : Yes John, you are absolutely right. But, I think parents have made them aware of the abuses of the mobiles and they are mature enough to understand how to use the mobile phone productively.

Ananya : Yes, all this is true but don’t you all agree that they do see unwanted things and waste their time in things not suitable for their age group.

John : I agree with what Ananya says. It is a sheer wastage of time, money and energy.

Anamika : I feel that most of the students have forgotten the basic use of mobile phones; they have to travel long distances for tuitions and other purposes. The parents can keep a track of their children. That is the main reason why parents have given them mobiles.

John : Yes, but students have become lazy. They lack concentration, they don’t read books, the phone keeps ringing and disturbs them now and then.

Manisha : Parents, institutions block some sites so that students are not able to view unwanted material. The risk is there but with advantages there are disadvantages too.

Evaluator : All right, everyone. Your time’s nearly up. Could someone conclude, please?

John : Taking the points into consideration mobile is a good and useful tool but a time period should be   allotted to the students to use mobile so that students do not become couch potatoes. Eye problems, posture problems, psychological problems have increased. They sometimes become violent if mobile phones are taken away from them. They can use these phones but they should be made to use them judiciously.

Examples: Group Discussion

1. Imagine, you have a great concern for environmental issue. ‘Water’ is one of the necessities of life. “No water, No life.”

  • You have recently witnessed a group discussion on ‘Save Water’ participated by three members of water conservationists on T V. Write the same group discussion on the form of dialogues for three participants. Add an evaluator also.

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