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Expansion of Ideas Writing Skills Maharashtra State Board 2022

Written by Sachin Raut

Dear students, Expansion of Ideas is an activity that comes in your writing skills. Expansion of Ideas will come in your board Exam in section no. 3 Writing Skills for 4 marks. So, Expansion of Ideas is important writing skills for academic purpose as well as the development of your writing skills in English Language.

Expansion of Ideas

Expansion of idea is to elaborate an idea in a paragraph form.

Paragraph : A Para is necessarily a series of connected sentences which develops one topic sentence.

Topic sentence :

  • It is a subject / proposition/ statement expressed in a sentence. A good topic sentence is brief and encapsulates the central theme. Ideally it is written in three parts –

(1) Introductory paragraph (2) Core content (3) Concluding paragraph.

(Note : Topic sentence can never be removed from a paragraph.)

Introductory paragraph

  • A good paragraph is always associated with a topic sentence either at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. The symbolism or the idea should be clearly understood.  

The literal/symbolic/metaphorical meaning needs to be given. To expand an idea the focus should be on words and expression of thoughts to put forth the hidden meaning or deeper thought behind the given idea. In short, the given idea needs to be well evaluated and interpreted accordingly.

Core Content

  • While elaborating various aspects of the idea, remember that the following points need to be taken into consideration :
  • Explore perspectives, give instances and anecdotes, experiences or even personal experiences.
  • There should be unity, and clarity of thoughts.
  • Maintain coherence and a logical link between two distinct points between the sentences. For this, discourse markers, conjunctions and conjunctive phrases can be used.
  • Each para or point should support the central idea, but ‘proportion of space’ should be kept in mind.
  • (Proportion of space: more important ideas – more space; less important idea, less space).
  • Proportion of emphasis is an important aspect. It simply means keeping the principal subject in place of prominence throughout the paragraph.
  • Avoid too many ideas.
  • Remember this is the most creative part to demonstrate your language skills.


At the end we need to sum up suitably with strong and relevant point.

  • Use of proverbs is appropriate at the end with a similar meaning sentence given in the topic sentence.
  • e.g. (1) The given one is- ‘Tit for tat’ you may sum up using another similar one ‘Reap as you sow’

Key points for Expansion of Ideas

  • As an example, let’s take the concept, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

(i) Key Point: We should love others, as we love ourselves.

(ii) Literal Meaning: To find pleasure in others’ virtues. To “love” means to overlook the faults, and appreciate the virtues in others and to forgive others as we forgive ourselves.

(iii) Explanation of the different aspects of the topic sentence.

(a) We should love human beings because all human beings are images of God.

(b) Love is the fundamental essence of all joys, goodness and pleasure.

(c) Love ensures peace and harmony.

(d) Love creates bonding.

(e) Loving someone is protecting them from harm, fighting for their rights and working against injustice.

(iv)Conclusion: If everyone practiced “Love your neighbor,” the world would operate with a far greater degree of patience, tolerance, understanding, communication, appreciation, unity, etc. This one principle would transform human history! When we love each other, take pleasure in each others’ achievements and work together, we are able to achieve harmony and peace, sustaining the universe.

One more is done for you:

Travel Broadens the Mind

       Travelling is the best form of education, as learning from the environment is more effective. If you live all your life in the same place, you are like the proverbial frog in a well. You become narrow-minded. You do not know what the world outside is truly like. There is no doubt that travelling broadens the mind and enlivens the spirit.

       Apart from viewing of natural and historical sights, travelling enables a person to meet different people and study their customs, modes of dressing, culture and languages at close quarters. Meeting different people makes a person broad-minded and tolerant.

       Travelling brings people closer and broadens one’s outlook. It removes prejudices and helps a person to become a citizen of the world in the true sense. Therefore, never lose any opportunity to travel. It will be an experience well worth the time and money spent on it. The world is a book and he who stays at home reads only one page.

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