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Mother’s Day 2023 Why and When Mother’s Day is started to celebrate Mother’s Day 2023

Written by Sachin Raut

        Happy mother’s day: why and when Mother’s day is started to celebrate. Let’s learn the history of this mother’s day. In this article, you will get to know about the celebration of “Mother’s Day”. let’s learn why and when Mother’s day is started to celebrate.

Mother’s day 2023

         Mother is the only connection to God. Yes, it is the relationship between mother and child is very precious and valuable in the world. In this World, It is the first relation of a child to his mother. Mother is always concerned with her child. A mother’s affection and love towards her child is the backbone and with it, the child grows up. The whole life mother takes care of her family; the mother is the glue of the family that sticks hold together all family members. Her efforts and sacrifice to the child are invaluable and for this, every child wants to do something special for his/her mother. In the honor of our mother, we do celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a special day to give a value to mother’s love and affection. This day is called Mother’s Day.

         Every second Sunday of May month, it is celebrated as Mother’s Day. In this year 2022, we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day. On this day everyone wants to make such a day very special to their mother and give some special gift to mother. On Mother’s day, everyone shows the importance of mother in life and shower live on mother. Not only in India but also in many countries Mother’s Day is celebrated with great joy. But do you know, why do celebrate The Mother’s Day only Second Sunday of May month? Why and when The Mother’s day is started to celebrate?

Let’s learn about the history and importance of such a special day.

When do celebrate Mother’s Day? :

       In the worldwide, Mother’s Day is celebrated second Sunday of May month of the year. Mother’s Day started officially in 1914. In this year 2023, on the 14th May we are going to celebrate.

  • For the first time, who celebrated Mother’s Day?

       Actually, for the first time, Mother’s Day is celebrated by American lady Anna Jarvis in 1908 and become an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Anna loved very much to her mother and her mother was ideal to her. When Anna’s mother died she decided not to marry and devote her life to the affection of her mother. To give honor to her mother, Anna started to celebrate mother’s day. At that time in Europe, the day was called by the name Mothering Sunday.

  • Why do celebrate Mother’s Day on the Second Sunday of May Month?:

         After the revolutionary Step of Anna, that time’s the Former President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation in 1914 that every second Sunday of May month it is officially celebrated as mother’s Day. From this declaration, the worldwide every Second Sunday of May month is celebrated as The Mother’s Day.

  • Why do celebrate Mother’s Day?

       To honor of mother and her efforts we should give respect, love, and affection to mother, that’s why we should celebrate Mother’s Day. On this day we shower our love on mother and do some special for mother, arrange some celebration, give a special gift to mother that She feels herself something special in the world.

Do you celebrate “Mother’s Day”?

To celebrate “The Mother’s Day”. Make your mother’s day special.

Quotes/ Message for Mother on “Mother’s Day”

  • Dear Mom, You are the creator of my life thanks to you for being my Mom!
  • Dear Mom, I am the clay of yours thank you for the shape that you are given me!
  • Love you, Mom, you’re the best and most precious person in my life!
  • Happy “Mother’s Day” my Mom, you are the pillar of my life!
  • Dear Mom, thank you for bringing me into this world and feeding me the knowledge of a good human being!
  • Dear Mom, without You, I can’t exist in the world!
  •  Thank you for everything you have done for me, it is my gratitude towards you!
  • May this day bring all happiness to you, love you, mom!
  • Dear Mom, You are the most prestigious Pearl in my life. Happy “Mother’s Day”!
  • Dear Mom, you are the first teacher, who has nurtured me, loved me, and taken care of me selflessly!

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