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An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen 11th class 2022

Written by Sachin Raut


PlayMakers Repertory Company production of An Enemy of the People. CREDIT: Jon Gardiner

Henrik Ibsen’s play, An Enemy of the People (1882),1 is set in the nineteenth century in a Norwegian waterfront town. The town has as of late opened its Baths, a sort of wellbeing resort intended to draw in ‘guests’ and ‘convalescents’. The Baths are supposed to carry incredible monetary advantages to the town and empower its residents to thrive in manners they have not beforehand.


Dr. Thomas Stockmann, the hero of Ibsen’s play, An Enemy of the People, finds a genuine wellbeing danger in the Baths of his Norwegian town. The Baths have been advertised as a wellbeing resort to bait guests. Dr. Stockmann alarms authorities about the issue and expects that they will close the Baths until it is rectified. He is met with wild obstruction, nonetheless. His sibling, the town’s city hall leader, favors keeping the Baths open and rectifying the issue step by step. He progresses various contentions that enticement for the financial interests of the town and Thomas’ job-related commitment as a resident. His better half, Katherine, needs him to help out the city chairman. She marshals a few contentions that enticement for his commitments as a dad. This paper reproduces and analyzes the contending contentions, shows how Ibsen’s play has both contemporary pertinence and moral profundity, and exhibits how Dr. Stockmann’s reactions can be deciphered as a contention that agreeing with his obligations to safeguard the general wellbeing doesn’t compel him to renege on his center responsibilities as a parent and as a resident.

Dr. Stockmann has discovered that the new baths built in his town are infected with a deadly disease and instructs the town to repair or close the baths. The Mayor, who is Dr. Stockmann’s brother, does not believe the report and refuses to close the baths because it will cause the financial ruin of the town.

Dr. Stockmann tries to take his case to the people, but the mayor intercedes and explains to the people how much it will cost to repair the baths. He explains that the Doctor is always filled with wild, fanciful ideas. In a public meeting, he has his brother declared an enemy of the people. The doctor decides to leave the town, but at the last minute realizes that he must stay and fight for the things he believes to be right.

Main characters

Dr. Thomas Stockmann

The hero of the play, Stockmann is a specialist and family man. He is sometimes gullible and moved by his interests, however, he is savagely committed to the protection of reality concerning the Baths. He clutches his view paying little heed to the amount he and his family are gone after.

Peter Stockmann

Stockmann’s sibling, city hall leader, and director of the board for the Baths, Peter is mocking his sibling and went against his finding. He trusts in the force of the public authority, in restricting free discourse, and in falling in line.


The paper editorial manager and admitted extremist who is at first energized by the chance to help Stockmann, yet what then’s identity is influenced by Peter. He repudiates all connection with Stockmann.

Petra Stockmann

Brilliant, pretty, and politically extremist, Petra is at first a teacher until her dad’s embarrassment makes her lose her employment. She upholds him and his goal sincerely, showing current mentalities, perception of acumen and mind, and a deep longing for reality.


A writer for the paper who begins as strong as Stockmann yet changes his association to Peter.


The paper’s distributer and Chairman of the Property Owners’ Association, guarantees Stockmann most of the town however at that point changes devotion to Peter. His revitalizing cry is “balance.”

Morten Kiil

Catherine’s dad, he at first appears to be innocuous yet when he understands his tannery is causing the contamination, he acts offensively by purchasing up stock in the Baths and requesting Stockmann to demonstrate his innocence.

Mrs.Catherine Stockmann

Stockmann’s significant other, Catherine is unassuming toward the start of the play and stresses over what Stockmann’s discoveries could mean for her loved ones. Nonetheless, as the play goes on she turns out to be more straightforward and stays by her significant other’s side.

Commander Horster

An ocean commander, Horster is receptive and open-minded. He upholds Stockmann however much he can, permitting him to involve his home for the talk and when Stockmann chooses to stay in the town. He attributes his capacity to bear discourse to his movements to many spots that don’t have it by any means.

Morten Stockmann

One of Stockmann’s young children, Morten gets in a battle at school after he hears another understudy call his father a deceiver

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